Coronavirus (COVID-19) Business Certification

The County of Trinity wants to thank local businesses for making the health and safety of their employees and patrons a priority, and for working in partnership with the County to ensure that our communities continue to thrive while helping to protect the wellbeing of those who live here from COVID-19. The businesses below have been certified by Environmental Health and will be updated as certifications are issued. Please note: If you submitted your Business Reopening Plan prior to 6/30/2020, you will need to complete the Mask Mandate Addendum. Businesses which were previously certified have been moved to pending status until their Mask Mandate Addendum is completed. Click here to view a list of businesses in Pending status awaiting their Masking Mandate Addendum.

Businesses that were previously certified to reopen but are now in a restricted business category based on State guidance have also been moved to pending status.