Cannabis Regulation

Important Information about Child Support if you work in the Cannabis Industry

  • ​​Licensees for Medical Marijuana or Adult Use issued through California State Agencies must not have delinquent child support accounts.  Unpaid child support can cause problems with your license application.  See License Suspension for more information on this process
  • Some local municipalities (County, City) may also require you to provide proof your child support account is in good standing during local permitting processes.
  • Business owners are required to report hiring of any employees or independent contractors within 20 days of their start work date or your official business start date through  You may begin to receive child support paperwork for your employees.  Any document you receive from the department has a legally required time limit for you to respond. See Employer Information for more information on your responsibilities as an employer.
  • We are here to help; in the office or by phone.  Don't wait until the last minute, contct us now to make sure you have surprises in the future.

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