All residents of Trinity County are encouraged to sign up to receive CodeRED messages of their choosing: i.e. email, text and phone (landline and cell). All information is treated for official use only, to be used only as a means for disseminating emergency information.


CodeRED allows time-sensitive, emergency information to be sent to specified locations via home phone, cell phone or email. Not just a reverse 911 system, CodeRED can relay alert messages to hundreds or even thousands of specific residences, cell phones or email addresses. Or it could be used to send those same messages to a particular town, region or the entire county at once.


Signing up on the website allows residents to enter their home and/or work address and receive notifications via phone, text message, or email that are specific to that address. CodeRED utilizes data entered when someone signs up for the service. As a person signs up, the address, phone number and even email address can be input as methods of receiving alerts. Then whenever an alert is sent out for a certain location, the phone numbers attached to the addresses for the area receive the same emergency message.


Another way is to download the mobile application, which is free as well. Once the app is installed, the CodeRED system follows your cell phone as you travel to alert you to any emergency notifications sent out by the national network. This way, you are plugged in to receive alerts no matter where you travel. Keep in mind that if you only use the app, you will not receive address-specific alerts.

CodeRED Signup: or text “TrinityCA” to 99411. (Recommended for Trinity County residents)


CodeRED Mobile App Download: 


If you are currently receiving CodeRed notifications and would like to opt out, please go to 



Information on CodeRED:


CodeRed Flyer