Reporting Suspected Child Abuse

Reporting Susepected Child Abuse

Child Protective Services takes reports of suspected child abuse and neglect for all children living in Trinity County.  Reports can be made by Mandated Reporters and community members to the Child Abuse Hotline at 530-623-1314 24-hours a day.  Please use discretion by making non-emergent reports during regular Business hours whenever possible.


Mandated Reporting

Mandated reporters are classified as those individuals who are required by law to make suspected child abuse reports for any child they encounter where suspected abuse or neglect is or may be occurring or face civil fines and penalties under California Penal Code.  Mandated reporters are required to complete a Suspected Child Abuse Report form (PC 11166) and submit it the local child welfare agency as soon as possible, but not more that 24 hours from learning of the possible abuse.

More information on mandated reporter regulations