Information from the Solid Waste Department


All sites are open per usual schedules.

The Solid Waste office is open on the regular schedule of 7:30 am to 4:00 pm Monday through Friday with COVID-19 restrictions. Alternatively, or outside normal business hours, correspondence and payments can continue to go in the drop box that is on the side of the building. Payments may also be made online by credit card at


Tires and electronic waste recycle areas remain closed at this time while we work with our vendors to clear accumulated materials.

OVERSIZED AND BULKY ITEMS: In an effort to limit damages to equipment and facilities, Solid Waste attendants at all sites will be enforcing length restrictions which limit construction debris, piping, wire, irrigation lines and similar materials to 4-foot lengths.
Any bulky or oversized materials (tarps, furniture, etc.) must either be cut in 3 to 4-foot lengths or be reduced to the most minimum volume possible.
Solid Waste reserves the right to reject any load that may damage containers, trucks, heavy equipment or facilities; and to determine fees by weight or volume as the attendant deems appropriate for the nature of the load at the Weaverville Transfer Station.

TREATED WOOD WASTE (TWW): According to state regulation, treated wood waste must be handled as a separate waste stream due to the chemical preservatives used to protect the wood from insects and decay. We are currently working to develop a handling system for disposal of this material, but currently none of the transfer sites can accept it. For questions regarding disposal of treated wood waste, contact the Department of Toxic Substances Control at 
TWW is any wood treated with chemical preservatives to protect from insects and decay.
This includes (but is not limited to) items such as:

  • Fence posts, Guardrails and Pilings,
  • Sill plates, Decking and Railroad ties,
  • Landscape timbers, Patio wood/posts

Please call 530-623-1326 x 199 for a recorded message to check status of the transfer sites.

If we miss your service due to weather conditions, residential customers have the option of setting out extra containers matching up to their regular service the following week or calling the office to receive a credit on their account. Commercial customers should contact Dispatch at 530-623-1326 x112 for information.

Reminder to Residential pick-up clients: all trash needs to be bagged, tied and secure with no loose trash in cans or we will not be able to service your account.