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Date:  Held quarterly or as needed. January-April-July-October  (To set up a meeting and submit applications for projects contact Planning Division 530-623-1351)
Time:  To be determined by each committee
Location:  Historic Districts

April 3, 2024 (published 3/20/2024)
January 9, 2024 (published 12/20/2023)
February 7, 2023 (published 1/25/2023)
Weaverville Committee Lewiston Committee Junction City Committee
 Amelia Fleitz - Commissioner Dist. 2 Carol Fall - Commissioner Dist. 1 Don Ellis - Commissioner Dist. 4
Bob Morris    
Doris Hein    
Ryan Crockett    
Dero Forslund    


Architectural Review Guidelines and Application

Ordinance No. 315-800 - Architectural Review and Preservation:  Special Treatment [pdf]
Resolution No. 2013-20 - Architectural Guidelines for "Commercial" Buildings [pdf]
Resolution No. 2013-21 - Architectural Guidelines for "Residential" Buildings [pdf]

Approved Lettering Styles

Architectural Review Application [pdf]

Current Projects for Consideration
Past Projects
Mountain Communities Healthcare District Clinic Expansion