Trinity County Department of Transportation Seal

Mission Statement

Preserve, enhance, and promote quality of life and public safety through the responsible development of reliable and sustainable infrastructure and services.


Vision Statement

The vision of the Department of Transportation is to provide timely and responsive services that support healthy, safe, and sustainable communities.


Core Functions and Goals

The core functions and goals of the Department of Transportation are to:

  • Maintain a safe, efficient, and fiscally manageable county road system, including 692 miles of public roads and 101 bridges, along with roadside ditches, culverts, signs, guardrails, and other appurtenances.  Provide the engineering, inspection, maintenance, permitting and administrative services required to maintain and improve these facilities.
  • Administer County Surveyor services, including reviewing parcel maps, subdivision maps, Records of Survey, and Corner Records.
  • Prepare and provide for transportation mobility planning activities in a fiscally and environmentally responsible manner which is consistent with the needs, preferences, and sensibilities of the community for regional coordination, claimant funding and oversight, grant application & management, and the preparation and adoption of planning documents.
  • Provide public bus transportation within the county and connections to adjacent county transit systems.
  • Operate and maintain a county wide airport system consisting of five public use general aviation airports located throughout the County.
  • Exercise the highest standards of financial stewardship and accountability, ensuring financial integrity of the Department.


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