Disaster Council

The Mission of the Disaster Council is "to collaboratively pursue the preservation of life, property and the environment in Trinity County.  Establish the emergency management organization through Disaster Council partners in county, special districts, non-governmental organizations and others to develop assigned tasks, policies and procedures through a coordination of efforts to better serve and protect the interests of Trinity County."


November 12, 2019 Agenda

2019 Disaster Council Meeting Minutes

9/24/19 Meeting

7/9/19 Meeting

5/14/19 Meeting

3/12/19 Meeting

1/8/19 Meeting


2018 Disaster Council Meeting Minutes

11/13/18 Meeting

7/10/18 Meeting

5/8/18 Meeting

3/13/18 Meeting

1/9/18 Meeting


County Plans and Guidance

Trinity County Emergency Operations Plan

Trinity County Hazard Mitigation Plan

Trinity County General Plan - Safety Element

DSW Community Volunteer Deployment Policy

Disaster Council - Created (2.40.040)