Business Hours 8:00am to 4:00pm Monday-Friday


(Forms available through Facilities at 530-623-1319  ext. 9274)

Rental requests for the Veterans Memorial Hall, Lowden Park, Junction City Park, and Hayfork Park as well as use requests for the Bandstand are received on a first come basis (including annual events).

Applicants must fill out a use application, pay the appropriate rent and deposit before the event, and provide proof of insurance or purchase special event insurance.  Staff will provide the information on special event insurance upon request. For information or to be placed on the calendar, please call 530-623-1319  ext. 9274 or ext. 9275.



For requests for Lee Fong Park or the Lowden Park Pool, please contact:

Weaverville-Douglas City Recreation District at 530-623-5925.


For information regarding the Hayfork Pool, contact:

Greater Hayfork Valley Park and Recreation District

P.O. Box 1598 Hayfork, CA 96041



The schedule of use fees can be found here.

The forms below can be filled out online, then saved to your device and emailed as an attachment to Rentals.

Use/Rental Applications:

* All forms are now fillable PDF format. *