Milestones Vision & Mission Statement

Vision & Mission Statements for Milestones Wellness Center



Our purpose is to nourish human beings in their effort at wholeness and to achieve the goal of recovery: spiritually, emotionally, physically, and intellectually.



• To provide support and acceptance, enhance belonging, social inclusion, and quality of life in a clean, sober, and safe environment.

• We focus on helping people gain satisfaction within their own life by incorporating life skills, getting involved in the local community, work readiness, increasing self-esteem, reducing stigma, and honoring each person’s individual recovery.

• We are encouraged to value the “pay it forward” philosophy of receiving help and, in time, helping others in succeeding at self-directed goals and independent living.

• We model and promote individuals being happy not just for others but truly within themselves.


This statement was put together by the Peer Specialist members of the Milestones Wellness Center.