Foster, Relative and Adoptive Care

Resource Family Approval and Adoptive Care

Resource Families

When children face higher safety risks and have to enter the foster care system, there is a need for local Resource Families that are willing to care for children while their parent(s) mitigate safety risks in the home. Placement preferences a given to relatives of the child and friends of the family (Non-Relative Extended Family Members-NREFM) whenever possible in an attempt to keep children in the community and in their school of origin. Relatives, NREFM’s, and those with no association with the parents, known as unmatched homes, all go through the same process for approval called, Resource Family Approval. For more information on becoming a Resource Family, please contact:

Amara Robles, RFA Social Worker
Phone: 530-623-1314 or 1-800-851-5658
Address: 51 Industrial Parkway
P.O. Box 1470
Weaverville, CA 96093

Foster Family Agency Resource Families

Another option to becoming a Resource Family is through a Foster Family Agency (FFA). Through this option, your home would be approved under the agency instead of Trinity County. There are several FFA options for Recourse Family Approval below or you can contact Trinity County Child Welfare Services at 530-623-1314 for more information.


Some families are also interested in looking at offering permeant homes to youth placed in their homes through foster care.  Trinity County Adoptions Services are offered through CDSS Adoptions Bureau out of Arcata.  For more information on becoming an Adoptive Home, please contact the Adoptions office or look at the Directory Of California Adoptions Agencies fact sheet. There is also a website for adoptive families who are searching for a placement.

CDSS Adoption District Office-Arcata
749 F Street
Arcata, CA 95521
Phone: 707-826-9180
Fax: 707-826-9984