Mission Statement:

The mission of the Trinity County Planning Department is to ensure the orderly use and reuse of land and to assist in maintaining and enhancing the economic and aesthetic viability and physical function of the County. This process is supported by plan review, special planning studies, support of the Planning Commission and other planning related boards and commissions, development review, zoning enforcement, permit issuance and building inspection. The Planning Department is also responsible for the development of the Zoning Ordinance and Subdivision Ordinance.






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Mass Grading Ordinance (5/22/2019) [PDF]
Code Violation Complaint Form
Subdivision Ordinance
Zoning Ordinance 
   UPDATE ►  Zoning Ordinance recently codified.  See County Code Title 17 
General Plan
Fee Schedule [pdf]

Trinity County General Plan Updates

2014-2019 Housing Element Update of the General Plan, adopted August 16, 2016
Safety Element of the General Plan, adopted November 14, 2014 [pdf]


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GIS Information (Geographic Information System):

  GIS Purchase of GIS Data Layers [pdf]
  GIS Board of Supervisors District (map)
  GIS Community Names (map)

    Trinity County Emergency Response Road Name Map Book, 2nd Edition

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Web Mapping Applications:

    Trinity County Parcel Viewer

  Basic Planning and Services Information for Parcels in Trinity County

    Trinity County Water Resources

  Water Resources Information for Parcels in Trinity County


 Other Information:

    Ordinance No. 315-797 re: Medical Marijuana [pdf]
    Recreational Vehicles and Camping on Private Lands, Ordinance No. 315-801 [pdf]
    Accessory Dwelling Units, Ordinance No. 315-819 [pdf]
    Family Care Units, Ordinance No. 315-802 [pdf]
    Ordinance No. 315-812 - Keeping of Chickens [pdf]
    FEMA Trinity River Flood Study [pdf]
  Trinity County DG Map (5/24/19) [pdf]


Misc. Links:

    Airport Land Use Commission
    Architectural Review Committee
    Subdivision Review Committee