Recording a Document

Requirements for Recording Documents

  • Property to be transferred must be in Trinity County
  • The document must be authorized or required by law to be recorded (gov:29201)
  • The document must be submitted with the proper fees and taxes (gov:6103;27201;27261)
  • The document should name the person requesting the recording (gov:27361.6)
  • The document should state the name and address of whom the document should be returned. (gov:27361.6)
  • The document should have at least the top 2.5" of the first page or sheet reserved for recording information. The left-hand 3.5" shall be used by the public to show the name of the person requesting recording and the name and address to which the document is to be returned following recording. In the event the first page does not comply with these requirements, a cover sheet may be used. (gov:27361.6)
  • The entire document, including notary seal, must be legible enough to produce a readable photographic record. (gov:27201;27361.6;27361.7;8207)
  • Signatures must be original unless the document is a certified copy issued by the appropriate custodian of the public record (gov:27201b)
  • The document must be properly acknowledged, unless exempt (gov:27201;27289;27285;27287;27288)

You may mail your documents for recording with a check, cashiers check, or money order made payable to:

Trinity County Recorder
PO Box 1215
11 Court Street
Weaverville, CA 96093

Your request is processed upon receipt. Please allow 10-15 working days for your original documents to be returned to you in the mail.

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