Be Prepared: Individual, Community, Trinity Prepared


Before Wildfire Strikes, Develop an Action Plan

· Where to go — Have a safe destination planned, such as the home of a friend or relative, or an evacuation center.

· How to get there — Plan several travel route options, just in case one route is blocked.

· What to take — Assemble an emergency supply kit long   before a wildfire or other disaster occurs.  Plan to be away from home for at least 3 weeks. Remember to pack all medications and needed medical equipment. Prepare a plan for pets and livestock as well.

· Ensure that you have access to emergency notifications by signing up for the Trinity County Alert System, CodeRed.

Take Action Immediately when Wildfire Strikes

· Stay Calm.

· Review your Evacuation Checklist.

· Ensure your Emergency Supply Kit is in your vehicle.

· Locate your pets and take them with you.

· Cover up to protect against heat and flying embers; wear long pants, long sleeve shirt, heavy shoes or boots, and a head/face cover, such as a bandana or towel.

To learn more about CodeRed and other resources visit
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Prepare an Emergency Go Kit!  Here is a list of Supply Suggestions

21 weeks to prepare document

Prepare You and Your Family for Disasters
Find out how you and your family can make an evacuation plan and build an emergency "go" kit.

Types of Emergencies on a poster

Emergency Supply List * 12-Month Preparedness Plan * Family Communication Plan

Prepare. Plan. Stay informed. 
Plan ahead for the ones you love.

Resources on preparing you and your family for a disaster

Resources on preparing you and your pet for a disaster

Resources on preparing for people with disabilities for a disaster

Don't forget to complete a medication list so that you can refill during or after an emergency!

Wild Fire:
Be prepared for your family and animals.