Trinity County Vehicle Abatement Program

If you are seeking information about the process of abandoned vehicles abatement, on public or private land, use the links below for information on how this process works.

Public Property Abatement - Following the CHP Abandoned Vehicle Abatement Program Handbook, and through an MOU with the State of California, Trinity County has granted authority of the removal of abandoned vehicles from public property, including roads, highways, forests, or waterways. Trinity County’s designee will determine that a vehicle, or parts thereof, are abandoned in any location, they shall cause a notice of intent to abate and removal to be delivered to the owner of record, if identifiable, by registered or certified mail, and a notice shall be placed on the vehicle for at least five (5) days. Click here to view relevant County Code.

Private Abatement - Private Property owners who wish to remove a vehicle registered in their name, may contact the Vehicle Abatement Officer for assistance in the abatement process, providing the necessary paperwork for the vehicle to be disposed of, recycled, or dismantled for removal from the DMV system. Once paperwork has been processed, the vehicle must have an identified destination for such disposal, with a licensed dismantler or recycling center. For Private Abatement, the county assists with the required paperwork, the property owner is responsible for all costs associated with disposal.

To file a complaint of Public Abandonment, please use the on-line complaint form provided.

Click here to view Vehicle Codes 22660-22710

To contact Trinity County Abatement, click here.