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Report suspected PUI immediately to Trinity County Public Health: (530) 623-8209 ~

The Trinity Healthcare Preparedness Partners (THPP) consists of representatives from the American Red Cross, Amateur Radio Emergency Services (ARES), Trinity County Behavioral Health, Trinity County Environmental Health, Mountain Communities Healthcare District (MCHD), Nor-Cal EMS, Office of Emergency Services (OES), Region III RDMHS/S-SV EMS, Trinity County Public Health, Trinity County Life Support (TCLS), Trinity County Office of Education, Shasta County Public Health, and Siskiyou County Public Health.  

The THPP is part of a larger Coalition, the Siskiyou-Trinity Health Care Coalition, helping promote quality, resiliency and continuity of healthcare services for the residents of Siskiyou and Trinity Counties following a disaster.

Our ultimate goal is to protect the health of the community during an emergency or disaster; THPP work together and share resources so that we may:

  1. Develop and implement effective planning, education and evaluation activities as they relate to emergency preparedness.
  2. Promote communication and collaboration across all sectors of the healthcare community, fostering a coordinated and effective response to disasters.
  3. Promote quality in the delivery of disaster patient/victim care services, by assessing the level of healthcare preparedness and making recommendations on activities that should be implemented to address any gaps.
  4. Provide a common understanding of how information will be communicated and the process for requesting and sharing information and resources in the County during a disaster.
  5. Support the needs of healthcare organizations while ensuring the needs of the community are met.
  6. Provide recommendations on County policies and procedures.

Partner Websites:

American Red Cross

Mountain Communities Healthcare District

Nor-Cal EMS

Office of Emergency Services


Shasta County Public Health

Siskiyou County

Southern Trinity Health Services

Trinity County Amateur Radio Club 

Trinity County Behavioral Health

Trinity County Environmental Health

Trinity Life Support Community Service District

Trinity County Office of Education

Trinity County Office of Emergency Services

Trinity County Public Health

Weaverville Church of the Nazarene

Register for CAHAN (California Health Alert Network):

Complete the CAHAN Enrollment Request online form and submit directly to the CAHAN Coordinator.

Questions? Email the CAHAN Coordinator


Crisis Emergency and Risk Communication Tools

ICS Online Training

MCI Plans and Policies

Preparedness and Response Technical Resources, Assistance Center and Information Exchange

Regional Disaster Medical Health Coordinators and Specialists (RDMHS Region III)

Region III Infectious Disease Transportation Plan

Statewide Medical and Health Exercise Resources

Stay Informed: Resource Web Links for Incidents and Emergencies

ICS (Incident Command System) and MHOAC Forms:

HICS Forms

ICS Forms

SitRep - Situational Report (Partner to MHOAC)

Medical Resource Request (Partner to MHOAC)

Medical Resource Request (Environmental Health to MHOAC)

Environmental Health Personnel Resource Typing - Draft

SitRep - Situational Report (MHOAC to Region/State)

Medical Resource Request (MHOAC to Region/State)

Patient Movement Plan/Forms:

Form 1: Resource Request Form (Field to MHOAC)

Form 2: Resource Request Form (MHOAC to RDMHS)

Form 4: National Response Patient Tracking Form (Field & MHOAC)

Guidance for Completing Form 4

California Patient Movement Plan (2018)


Public Health Emergency Prepardness

(530) 623-1358