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CodeRED/IPAWS Emergency Alert Test - July 17

Reminder: CodeRED/IPAWS Emergency Alert Test - July 17

The Trinity County Office of Emergency Services in conjunction with Trinity County Sheriff’s Office will be conducting a County-Wide test of the CodeRed and Integrated Public Alert Warning System (IPAWS) on July 17th at 8:50 A.M. During the test, everyone in Trinity County that has signed up for CodeRed should receive the test notification. Additionally, we will be testing IPAWS, which will send an alert to all cell phones in the county with cell service.

The purpose of this test is to give residents a piece of mind that during an emergency situation they would receive the emergency alert. It is important for everyone to load the phone number into their cell phone as well, so any call in the future would be easily recognizable as an emergency alert. OES recommends adding the numbers as a contact and naming it “CodeRed” or “Emergency Alert”. The two numbers that could be used by the system are 866-419-5000 and 855-969-4636.

Residents are urged to sign up for a CodeRed account, and anyone not receiving the test notification can register for CodeRed at or by calling OES at 530-623-1116 or sending an email to All that is needed is name, phone number, cell provider if adding a cell phone, and physical address to get a free account.

Ed Prestley
OES Manager
Trinity County
(530) 623-1116

Wildfire Prevention

  • Do not use a lawn mower on weeds or dry grass

  • Properly dispose of cigarettes and matches

  • Avoid power equipment that creates sparks

  • Make sure no vehicle parts drag on the ground, including towing chains

Heat Safety


  • Hydrate  
  • Wear sun protection
  • Limit outdoor activities
  • Check on children, pets, & the elderly





Cold Water


Use Caution: Rivers and Lakes Remain COLD for Father’s Day Weekend

Exposure to cold water can quickly cause hypothermia, especially in children & elderly.

Hypothermia is a sudden loss of body temperature, which can be fatal 

If you see someone with signs of hypothermia, get help immediately!

Always wear life vests and keep a close eye on children in or near water.



Lightning Do’s and Don’ts




  • Find a Sturdy House, Building or Car with a Roof
  • Go Indoors When You Hear Thunder or See Lightning
  • Stay Indoors For At Least 30 Minutes After You Last Hear Thunder




  • Don’t Shelter Under Pavilions, Dugouts, or Other Small Structures
  • Don’t Go Near Water, Tall Trees, or Metal Objects
  • Don’t Use or Touch Corded Electronics, Outlets, or Windows 



Trinity County Solid Waste - Free Residential Brush Disposal Days - June 18 - 29, 2019

These transfer sites will be accepting brush from Trinity County residents free of charge during regular operating days/hours between June 18 and June 29, 2019 only.

Click title above for information about locations and days/times.

All residents are encouraged to go to the CalFire website at and ensure they are prepared for fire season.

We all need to be prepared. Please take a few minutes and consider the information on the website so we are best prepared as residents to do our part to help protect what we have earned!

Trinity OES

Information on CodeRED:

All residents of Trinity County are encouraged to sign up to receive CodeRED messages of their choosing: i.e. email, text and phone (landline and cell). All information is treated for official use only, to be used only as a means for disseminating emergency information.

CodeRED Flyer

CodeRED Signup:

CodeRED Mobile Download:

OES is also in the process of being qualified through FEMA to send emergency messages by way of television, radio or cell phone within the Trinity County Operational Area (TCOA) during a time of a disaster (it is the same method as the weekly test scrolling on the television or interrupting a radio broadcast).

The Integrated Public Alert Warning System (IPAWS) uses the US Emergency Alert System (EAS) and the Wireless Emergency Alert (WEA) to send emergency messages across televisions, radios and any cell phone capable of receiving messages within the operational area. More information about IPAWS is below:

- CodeRED - IPAWS architecture

- CodeRED - IPAWS Guide 

County Plans and Guidance

Trinity County Emergency Operations Plan

Trinity County Hazard Mitigation Plan

Trinity County General Plan - Safety Element

DSW Community Volunteer Deployment Policy

Disaster Council - Created (2.40.040)


BLM Info on fire restrictions

Weaverville Online - Trinity Emergency Alert Network

CalFire Incident Information


Caltrans District 2 Website

State Route 299 Current Conditions

State Route 3 – Current Conditions

Buckhorn Traffic Cam (via Caltrans)

Oregon Mountain Traffic Cam (via Caltrans):

Local Chain Requirements (via Caltrans)

Caltrans live traffic cameras

Disaster Service Worker Community Volunteer Program

Interested in Volunteering?