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What Can Child Support Do For You?

North Coast Child Support Services has two offices that provide  child support services to the Trinity and Humboldt County communities.  Child Support cases are managed in both counties and both offices are staffed with employees who are here to serve you. Feel free to contact us at either of our locations.  We are glad to assist you with all of your Child Support needs.

Increase in Child Support Pass-Through for Families Receiving CalWORKS

Why did I suddenly get more money?

Starting January 1, 2022, if you receive cash assistance for your child or children through the CalWORKs program, the amount of the current month’s child support payment that is “passed through” to you may change from $50 up to $100 if you have one child, and up to $200 if you have two or more children living in the home. This is because the law that covers this “pass-through” has permanently changed.

What does the Pass-Through Increase mean for me or the other parent?

  • DOES NOT mean that the parent ordered to pay support is paying more. The law changed to let families have more money while the government keeps less for reimbursement benefits.
  • DOES NOT mean that you will receive less cash assistance through the CalWORKs program.
  • IS NOT a mistake, and you do not have to return any of the increased amount you may receive.

What if my child support payment is less than the “Pass-Through” amount?

If the current child support collected is less than $100 for 1 child, or less than $200 for 2 or more children, you will only receive the amount collected, NOT the increased amount.

How do I get the payment increase?

There is no action required and the increase will automatically start for child support collected on or after January 1, 2022.

Office Hours

This office is closed for all legal holidays adopted by Humboldt/Trinity counties.

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