Trinity County launches voter redistricting process

County to work with experts, census data, local community to redefine supervisorial district boundaries

Trinity County is beginning the process to redraw the boundaries of the county’s five supervisorial districts. Redistricting takes place every 10 years after the federal census, when district boundaries for federal, state, and local elected offices are redrawn to reflect new population data and shifting populations. Residents of the county are invited to attend any of the four public hearings, where they can learn more about the process and weight in on how the lines should be drawn.


During and after each hearing, the public is invited to provide comments either in-person or online. Video recordings of each meeting will be available for the public to view at their convenience. For more details on the hearings, including the schedule, Zoom links, comment form, and meeting materials, visit the online redistricting portal at


“We highly encourage all residents of Trinity County to participate in this important process,” said County Administrative Officer Richard Kuhns. “The more that we participate, the better our new district boundaries will serve our unique communities for the next ten years.”


Trinity County encourages residents to participate in the process. To learn more about the redistricting process and ways to get involved, visit the county’s online redistricting portal at