Cannabis Division Updates and Policies


A resolution of the Board of supervisors of the County of Trinity allowing streamlined approval of Cannabis licenses that require CCV's thru April 2024.

READ the resolution here:  Board of Supervisors Resolution No. 2024-011 

Below is the templated language & guidance for variance applicants to include in their App C's: 


A memo from CAO Trent Tuthill:

Date: October 17, 2023

Subject: Cannabis Ordinance Update Timeline

Based upon the tremendous amount of constructive public input during the four public workshops, to include comments received via electronic methods, Trinity County is announcing a new timeline for the overall Cannabis Ordinance Update. 

The county is grateful for all the input received to date and a strong message was a desire for future opportunities to provide input to the next ordinance update draft (version 2) – before it goes to the Planning Commission.  Embedded within the overall Cannabis Ordinance Update is a county obligation to introduce for Board of Supervisor consideration, changes associated with stacking certain license types.  In order to balance the existing county obligation related to stacking and the desire to provide more opportunities for public engagement on the overall Cannabis Ordinance Update, the county has decided to introduce an amendment to the existing cannabis ordinance to address this obligation. 

The county will work an ordinance amendment to address the county obligation relating to stacking.

Draft document available to public:  approximately Nov 3, 2023 - READ the Draft Document here

PC Meeting:  Nov 16, 2023

BOS hearing/mtg:  Dec 5, 2023

As of February 8, 2024, County Staff is currently working on specific elements of the ordinance updates. The timeline for the release of the second draft of the Ordinance update is to be determined.