Child Support Payments

Making and Receiving Child Support Payments becomes simpler with a variety of options designed to fit the circumstances of each family.

Making Support Payments

The Parent Paying Support can choose whichever payment option is most convenient.  For any method you will need your Participant ID Number.  If you do not know your Participant ID, call 866-901-3212 and that can be provided.

  • Recurring or One-Time Payment online from a bank account or by Debit or Credit Card through The State Disbursement Unit.  
  • By Check or Money Order mailed to the State Disbursement Unit; PO Box 989067, West Sacramento CA 95798
  • By Cash, Check, Money Order, at the nearest Local Child Support Agency
  • Through MoneyGram - find a location at or by calling 1-800-926-9400.  Use Receive Code 14630 for California Child Support Payments
  • Through PayNearMe - Use PayNearMe at 7-Eleven stores for cash payments.  To sign up, go to PayNearMe/California.
  •  Via PayPal at Child Support Bill 
  •  Through Payroll Deduction with an Income Withholding Order to your current employer.                                                         

Receiving Support Payments

The Person Receiving Support has two options to receive payment electronically.  Both options case be set up through The State Disbursement Unit website.

  • Direct Deposit to a checking or savings account
  • Electronic Pay Card (EPC).  If you already havean EPC card and have questions or problems, call 877-777-1617 or visit

To check your balance and payments you have made or received

You can avoid the phone tree and Log-in to Customer Connect to see information specific to your case.  If you have not received a PIN to access Customer Connect you can contact us at 866-901-3212 to request a PIN be sent to you.  The *NEW* Customer Connect Website is even accessible on your Smart Phone or Tablet.

Tell Us How We're Doing

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