Cannabis Ordinance Update 2023

The Cannabis Division has been working with Minter Harnish/ Rincon (the same group working on the General Plan Update) on a comprehensive update to our collection of Cannabis ordinances. The goal of this update is to streamline, integrate, align, and clarify definitions, terms, processes, policies, etc. - making our ordinances easier to understand and to implement.  A lot of progress has already been made along these lines. The assignment of the Cannabis Ordinance Ad Hoc Committee provides staff direct access to two supervisors who can help to work through details prior to the updates being shared during public workshops and then the full board.


The Department of Cannabis Control (DCC) recently announced changes to the ways in which license holders can move toward larger canopy operations. The Cannabis Division Staff and Cannabis Ordinance Ad Hoc Committee have been charged with development of ordinance updates that would frame Trinity County’s approach paralleling the DCC license types. This process will include determining the specific requirements under which larger canopy operations would be considered within Trinity County. Updates made to our Cannabis Ordinances will comply with all State laws, CEQA requirements, EIR standards, etc. 


Current plans call for public workshops to engage all interested parties in review and discussion of planned Cannabis Ordinance Updates.  These workshops will take place prior to the updates being brought before the board of supervisors. Public workshop dates and locations will be determined and publicized in the near future.


Parties who would like to provide input in advance of these public workshops should send their input to  All input received will be distributed to all members of the Cannabis Ordinance Ad Hoc Committee (board and staff).




Q. Does this mean that all CCL operations will be eligible to increase the canopy size of their operations?

A. No.  Specific criteria will be established to guide decisions about any increases to canopy size limits/ license types.


Q. Will the Cannabis Ordinance Ad Hoc Committee meetings be open to the public?

A. No.  The regular meetings of the committee will consist of staff, consultants and board representatives working together to develop the proposed update that will then be shared with the public and the board.


Q. When and how will the public be able to see and provide input regarding these ordinance updates?

A. Public workshops will be held in which staff, consultants, and board representatives will present the proposed updates and engage in dialogue with the public regarding feedback and questions.  A specific timeframe for these workshops has not been established. 


Q. How will we know what all is being changed via this update?

A. The Cannabis Ad Hoc Committee is committed to full transparency regarding changes made during this update.  Efforts will be made to highlight all areas of the ordinances that are being changed via the update.