Public Computers

Internet and Computer Use Guidelines

The Trinity County Library offers free Internet service as an extension of its mission to fill the informational, educational and recreational needs of its residents by providing access to resources beyond the scope of the local collection. The library cannot guarantee the completeness, currency or accuracy of information found at any website. Time limits may be enforced to ensure that all patrons have the opportunity to use Internet resources. Wi-Fi access is offered at both the Weaverville and Hayfork libraries.

Patrons and visitors must sign up at the circulation desk in order to use the computers. Minors under the age of 18 are required to have parental or guardian permission to use the Internet. Library cardholders with a “blocked status” must clear their account balance prior to signing up for a computer.


The Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) designates federal funding for libraries that install filters on all its computers. The Trinity County Library applies for and receives federal E-rate funding and therefore employs filters on its public computers.

Use by Minors

Because of the volatile nature of the Internet, library staff recommends that parents be actively involved in their child’s use of the Internet.

Prohibited Uses

All public computers employ a security program that prevents users from making changes in the settings. Library policy prohibits access to a public computer’s operating system, the use of personal software programs and downloading executable files. Public computer users may not use the Internet illegally in a way that violates Federal, State, or local laws. Illegal activities include but are not limited to fraud, displaying or disseminating pornography or obscene material as defined by state and federal law, invading the privacy of others, sending harassing or threatening messages or making unauthorized copies of copyrighted or licensed software or data.

It is against library policy to use library computers to view or access pornography. It is against the law to view child pornography. Any patron using a library computers to view or access pornography will be denied further computer access. Any patron using a library computer to view child pornography will be reported to law enforcement. A staff member who observes a patron viewing inappropriate or sexually explicit content may ask the patron to leave the library premises. Library staff reserves the right to terminate an Internet session at any time. Failure to use the public computers appropriately, responsibly and in a manner consistent with the policies and rules of the Trinity County Library will result in the suspension of computer access privileges in the library.


All public computers are connected to a black and white laser printer located at the front desk. Printouts cost $0 .10 per page. Patrons bringing their own paper will still be charged the $0.10 per page fee for the use of the printer. Patrons are responsible for all pages printed, even blank ones. A staff member can demonstrate the use of the “print preview” feature.

This policy is subject to revision and any comments may be addressed to the County Librarian.